Wise Registry Cleaner

Have you ever noticed that your computer starts to work slower and slower? Have you ever thought that this may be due to the fact that the registry of your operating system is littered? Do not worry!

Wise Registry Cleaner is a real expert in speeding up your computer by fixing registry errors and defragmenting it. With this program, you can scan your registry and mark unused or damaged entries, as well as show the name and value of each of these entries. And Wise Registry Cleaner can easily determine which of these values  are dangerous to delete and which are not. Thus, before the optimization process, you will be asked to decide which registry values to delete and which to leave intact. Of course, for more security, before starting scanning and optimization, a backup copy of the registry will be made Рjust in case.


– the ability to quickly clean the computer from unnecessary files;

– The ability to defragment the registry;

– availability of a fast scanner;

– the ability to create a backup point to restore the past state of the registry;

– the ability to customize scheduled scans;

– The presence of the function of eliminating registry errors;

– 3 types of registry scan (normal, safe and deep);

– the ability to optimize system settings to improve performance;

– support 32 and 64-bit OS;

– the ability to add any files to the list of exceptions;

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