Programs for cleaning the operating system

This set of programs presents the best free system cleaners – utilities and applications designed to clean hard drives and personal computers’ OS from unnecessary, unused for a long time system, simply obsolete files and other “technical” garbage that inevitably accumulates in large numbers on information drives. for any, even the most accurate use.

Regular cleaning of the computer (cleaning the hard drive, cleaning the system with installed software) is a guarantee of the normal functioning of the PC and the preservation of all the information on it! Presented in this set, the best free programs for cleaning computers running windows operating systems, which you can download for free without any registration and SMS, will give you the opportunity to free up a lot of hard disk space (destruction of obsolete, unused and temporary files, duplicate files, cleaning windows registry from obsolete keys, etc.); will help to significantly increase the level of security when using a PC (deleting some files created by various programs, for example, browsers that can store any confidential information about the operating system, the user himself or his PC, which one way or another can fall into the hands of third-party people, for example, if the computer resides in a local network or the Internet); will increase the speed of the system and all its components (cleaning windows and applications installed in it from various “garbage”, cleaning windows memory and excluding some programs that significantly reduce OS performance from autoloading – the speed of its launch and operation). In general, here you can find and free download programs for cleaning windows 7, windows 8 b windows xp, the best programs for cleaning the registry of the above operating systems, as well as any programs for cleaning hard drives.

Modern programs – sweepers do their work almost completely in automatic mode and ensure that as a result of their activity not one important or important file will be deleted from your PC, and also provide the user with the ability to view the list of files to be deleted and the ability to select or cancel the destruction of individual files and also create backup copies of all deleted files.