AVG PC TuneUp is a comprehensive utility for optimizing the performance of your computer. Initially the program was called TuneUp Utilities. It was developed by the German company TuneUp Software GmbH. Later, AVG Technologies acquired the rights to the utility.

The program contains tools for cleaning the browser and the registry, for removing broken shortcuts, for analyzing and correcting hard disk errors and for recovering deleted files and optimizing the system. Plus, the utility has a built-in module for free updates and supports synchronization with mobile devices on iOS and Android. For the latter there are several functions for their cleaning.

Module Live-optimization helps to control the OS in automatic mode. If you think that a program is not fast enough, you can add it to the exceptions. Or you can turn off automatic optimization. The Disk Cleaner module detects unnecessary elements and various “junk” in popular applications, including Skype, Steam, Nero, MS Word and many others.

In Turbo mode, the optimizer can instantly speed up all applications, but only for a certain time. It depends on the configuration of your system. Economy mode allows you to select one of 3 types of power consumption: manual, medium and maximum.

In some cases, the program may define standard applications and system files in the system as unnecessary. Before scanning, you need to go to the settings menu, which is located in the upper right corner, and mark only the necessary checkboxes. If this is not done, then after clicking the “Scan” button, the program will automatically defragment the disk and registry.

After the first analysis of the system (you can skip it), the main monitoring window will appear with 5 tabs. Here you can monitor the status of the system in the “Maintenance” mode, as well as delete individual temporary files and enable or disable the functions you need.


  1. Great declared functionality: optimization of the system, cleaning up accumulated debris and defragmenting hard drives, cleaning and defragmenting the registry, setting up the appearance of the operating system, eliminating typical Windows errors and much more.
  2. Three modes of computer operation: economical, standard and turbo. Ability to optimize the system on the fly.

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